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When flour was delivered in pretty fabric bags women used these to make new dresses and aprons. To shop, run errands, attend a tea, or see a matinee, she would need a smart afternoon or day dress.

The house dress was the ideal dress to experiment with since no one but family saw her in it. One unique house dress variation was the reversible house wrap dress, called a “hooverette.” Practical, affordable, washable, cotton percale and true to thirties style, they sported ruffle sleeves, accentuated tied waist, and a slim cut through the hips, the “hooverette” was the perfect daily dress. Often referred to as “city,” “metropolitan,” or “town tailored”, these dresses were usually silk or rayon crepe, not cotton.

Here you will learn about all the 1930s clothing and accessories women wore for day and evening events.

You will also be able to create a 1930s wardrobe from vintage or new inspired clothes we found online (follow the links.) Welcome to the glamorous, elegant, well-tailored, world of women’s What was the fashion during the 1930s?

The very loose, square, drop-waist, high knee-length hem, and slightly “boyish” look of 1920s fashion for women was completely gone by 1933 and was replaced with a much more modest and form fitted style with an accentuated natural “high waist”, fitted hips, longer mid-calf or floor length hemline, high neckline, and wide shoulders.

She was considered a good steward of her husband’s money! Single and working women, too, were expected to look their best– to be appealing to their male employers.

Fabrics that were popular included chiffon, silk, crepe-de-chines, and satin, cut on the bias to create elegant, clingy, flowing lines. Evening dresses had hems that very nearly touched the floor and often had small trains in the back.

Evening dresses were also very fitted in the waist, slim and fitted through the hips, easing out mid-thigh or just above the knees, where they flared elegantly to the floor.

Afternoon and evening dress fashions were turned into 1930s wedding dresses. Read more about 1930s fashions colors and fabrics While rebellious women began wearing pants in earlier decades, in the 1930s there were several social situations that were acceptable to wear pants in public.

Informal light floral tea dresses with excessive ruffles and butterfly sleeves started off the 1930s. Beach pajamas— one-piece jumpers with very wide leg pants, belted or fitted high waists and slightly more blousey than most 1930s fashion tops– became popular for a day at the beach or a “restful day at home.” Sportswear for tennis, hiking, picnics, skiing, or even just watching sports featured pants, overalls and even shorts!

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Less expensive fabrics, “rough” or “peasant” fabrics and cotton became more widely used.

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