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Specifies if the sender intends to deliver the shipment to a Speedy office by him/herself instead of ordering a visit by courier.

Not allowed pairs are: - sender Id & sender Site Id; - sender Site Id & sender Office Id; At least one of the three parameters - receiver Id, receiver Site Id (or as an alternative receiver Country Id and receiver Post Code for countries without site nomenclature), receiver Office Id, must be specified, but pairing them is also possible.

The web service is published at: One of the most important service methods is create Bill Of Lading. Other methods could be used to create a PDF document about BOL, request shipments pick up, track shipment's state etc.

The service exposes a variety of "helper" methods that could be used to calculate the price of a shipment in advance, check the available courier services, search for addresses etc.

Not allowed pairs are: - receiver Id & receiver Site Id; - receiver Site Id & receiver Office Id; value).

Column numbers can change in the future so it's recommended to address the data using the column names in the header row.

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