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It’s amazing how far I have come in such a little amount of time.

The information is useful, easy to follow, and most importantly – 100% effective.

I decided to approach dating as if it were a scientific experiment.

To my surprise, I quickly found that getting women to talk to me, give me their numbers, date me, and have sex with me was nowhere nearly as difficult as I had thought.

These fears typically manifest in playing it safe and doing nothing at all, or at best, in clumsy, ineffective attempts at approach.

I’ve dated more women in the few months since being introduced to DEFM than I previously did in my entire life. I feel confident approaching and interacting with women. It helped with my social skills, getting out of mindless ‘comfort’ routines, and consciously building the life I want.”Sign up for my Dating Essentials for Men Q&A Newsletter and every Friday I will send you my response to a different question about dating, sex, and relationship.Here you can give and get support and encouragement in a community of virtual wingmen. Join other men just like you from around the world who are successfully learning and applying Dr.Glover’s lessons to their dating, love, and sex lives.online courses contained an instructor Q&A forum where class members could ask any question relating to dating, attraction, sex, women, and relationships. Glover has cherry-picked the best questions and answers from all of these forums and packed them into the .Here, the good doctor doesn’t hold anything back – he is raw, uncensored, honest, playful, and succinct. Only here you will find a subject-by-subject compilation of over 250 questions answered candidly and practically by Dr. You will laugh, you will cry, you will smack yourself upside the head – wondering why no one every laid it out it so clearly before.

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For the majority of my life, I was one of these guys.

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