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Mount Abu hosts a summer festival as well that is full of fun activities like boat races, firework displays, and music events.

The quaint and calm peaceful place in India offers the best of Rajasthan.

The beaches here are secluded enough, clean, and calm.

On the contrary this part of Goa doesn’t compromise on an enthralling nightlife and street shopping, however; everything seems to be pretty balanced here.

All schools that i am aware of - with the exception of the International Christian School in Miraflores (ICSL) - follow a March to December school year.Let us take a look at the most peaceful places to live in India that have maintained a balance and stabilized their speed when it comes to growth.These are definitely some of the best peaceful cities to live in India. Umesh Behari Mathur/Dehradun has River Ganga and River Yamuna (most important rivers of India) on either side.Although the city is modern enough it features a peaceful background with the bliss of nature.If you’re not living here, you’re missing out on a lot of goodness.

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