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In the early 1800s Bradford's textile industry underwent rapid growth and with it Bradford's population, consequently there was pressure on housing then on burial ground space and this eventually became a health hazard.It emerged that the registration of the cemetery to the property developer had been refused by the Land Registry under a clause that prohibits the sale of consecrated ground that has been used for burial.Amended by 129th General Assembly File No.28, HB 153, §101.01, eff. Upon application, the board of township trustees shall sell at a reasonable price the number of lots as public wants demand for burial purposes.

The cemetery stands atop a hillside overlooking the city and contains some very impressive Victorian funerary monuments in a variety of styles.The board may repurchase any cemetery lot or right from its owner at any time at a price that is mutually agreed upon by the board and the owner. (C) With regard to the product of a fetal death, on the request of the mother and in compliance with cemetery rules, a township cemetery shall inter the product of the fetal death in accordance with one of the following:(1) In a single grave within the cemetery that contains, or will contain, the remains of a parent, sibling, or grandparent; (2) In another location of the cemetery, including a separate burial ground for infants, on a temporary or permanent basis. (A) Subject to division (B) of this section, re-interment or disinterment of the product of a fetal death buried in accordance with division (C)(2) of section 517.071 of the Revised Code is not subject to section 517.24 of the Revised Code if one or both surviving parents provide written consent for the re-interment or disinterment to the township cemetery and comply with any rules adopted under division (B) of section 517.071 of the Revised Code.(B) If two surviving parents are indicated on the township cemetery's burial documents for the product of a fetal death buried in accordance with division (C)(2) of section 517.071 of the Revised Code and only one has given consent under division (A) of this section, prior to re-interment or disinterment, the cemetery promptly shall give notice of the consent to the parent who did not give consent.The board shall send the notice by certified mail to the owner if the owner is a resident of the township or is a nonresident whose address is known.The terms of sale and any deed for lots or rights conveyed with a termination date shall state that the board shall have right of reentry to the lot or right at the end of the specified time period if the lot, tomb, including a mausoleum, or columbarium, is not used within this time period or renewed for an extended period.

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Both entrances have a car park but only the south entrance on Undercliffe Lane has a lodge used for administration.

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