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This page contains our current information on 1oz Engelhard silver bars and Legacy Ingots.Engelhard 1oz bars are, in general, the most common and available of all Engelhard sizes produced.Note that this variety lacks the traditional Canadian ‘Bull’ Hallmark.Around the 75000 serial mark, the text above serial stamp denoting weight, metal and purity changed to a smaller font with more spacing, most evident is the smaller SILVER at center.Imagine, more US Silver Eagles are produced in a single month than the entire Engelhard 1 oz bar production Presented below, we define all currently known varieties with pictures, serial numbers and mintage estimates.There are surely a few more we haven’t encountered yet, and we welcome collectors to share any new discoveries. demonstrate a faint ‘X8’ over-stamp to the left of serial number.The mould size of this bar is uniquely larger than the Wide ‘E’ above.This variety has a dot in the center of the bull logo.

Similar to above EI-9 variety but in attractive proof-like finish with frosted detail. serial prefix examples and confirmed that shape and weight of the encasements match those of other 1oz Engelhard promotional paperweights. Many FN and PR serial prefix examples demonstrate reverse variations of top right and bottom left hallmark border placement. We believe the most rare and highest premium examples include the proof-like finish with frosted logo and reverse stamping variation.Please see our entry for the second variety of IMPEX 1oz silver art bar that demonstrates the IMPEX hallmark repeated diagonally on the reverse. Others have the revised logo with the shorter left/right sides and more space between the letters.The example pictured demonstrates a coarse frosted reverse and not typically observed with engraving.Design appears to be exactly the same as the EI-9V, above, except in a 6-digit serial number variation without letter prefix and lacks the center dot in the Bull Logo.Also, the edges do not have a very tall border, making it more likely they will be worn prematurely from handling.

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