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An item may also be complete in itself, if so, the description contains the text (entity-encoded HTML is allowed), and the link and title may be omitted.All elements of an item are optional, however at least one of title or description must be present.Subordinate to the element, which contains information about the channel (metadata) and its contents. Note that the sample files may point to documents and services that no longer exist.The 0.91 sample was created when the 0.91 docs were written.Use *|RSSFEED: DATE: FORMAT|* to show the current date in a given format.

contains text that is included in the TITLE attribute of the link formed around the image in the HTML rendering.

For example, *|RSSITEM: DATE:d/m/y|* where d is replaced by the day, m by the month, and y by the year.

What it displays: A customized block of social share icons that you can define, which give subscribers a simple way to share the RSS item to their preferred social network. The group of tags in this section allows you to embed preformatted lists, summaries, or full content of your posts in an RSS campaign.

It should be generated automatically when forwarding an item from an aggregator to a weblog authoring tool. It has one optional attribute, domain, a string that identifies a categorization taxonomy.

The value of the element is a forward-slash-separated string that identifies a hierarchic location in the indicated taxonomy.

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