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All White is finally here to fulfill all of my racist dating needs! They filmed an episode about farts that the Discovey Channel wouldn't air.

Charming SWM White Nationalist Skin has this to say: I'm a dream Man for ONE special Racially Aware White Woman. It should come as a surprize to no one that I am a fan of the TV show Mythbusters. In one segment they prove that it is possible to light a fart on fire and in the second episode, they get the magically babe-licious Kari Byron to wear a pair of stink reducing underwear. and that graphic that looks like Poochie's computer going surfing?

It also found that white women tend to reply to white men and exclude nonwhite men.

"[W]hite women have an above-average compatibility with almost every group.

For a while I was having problems with my e-mail using Outlook...every time someone would send me an image embedded in a message or if I tried to paste an image into a message I wanted to send, it would just show up as a Red X.

A clever Finn showed me the secret: It turns out that my cache of outlook bitmap files was full.

The post aims to provide a historical example of a threat that warns its readers about on its “Our Issues” page: “If whites permit themselves to become a minority population, they will lose their civilization, their heritage, and even their existence as a distinct people.” documents this site’s argument about Greece and will return to Rome in a future post.

For evidence the article points primarily to the “famed” 11th edition of the ) does not explicitly list the “dubious presumptions” on which such theories were based.I have NO interest at all in mullato "women", the only Women I'm interested in have all White ancestries and have NEVER dated or even thought about dating any other race (especially the lower mud races). Quite entertaining, This show is set in a library where these guys draw cards and one contestant has to do something hilariously awful like having a nose hair pulled out, or getting hit in the face by an automated slapping machine, or having an innertube overinflated inside a guys shirt, or being bitten on the neck by an old man without his teeth in. The best best part is that it is set in an actual library, so the contestants need to be as quiet as possible, kinda like when your brother farts in church. I wrote the following piece just a little over 20 years ago, when I …Continue reading Close Quarters (Mother’s Day Reflections)…

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