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The first time, we met for coffee (although, ironically, neither of us drink coffee) and chatted for a few hours.He called me the next day to ask me out for Valentine’s Day.Go Crush is not only a dating app but also a socialising app.Users of the app face less pressure of having the perfect date since they interact in groups.He told me that he felt like he had known me for 6 months, and I felt the same.I was fed up with the LA dating scene and thought to myself, what do I have to lose?!

He developed the Go Crush service with the co-founders Kai Burghardt, and Joao Ferreira, and launched the app, which was initially called Crush.What both these services have in common is that there’s no option to date as a group and small talk before meeting up can lead to unrealistic expectations.The Frankfurt-based startup Go Crush dating app intends to change the dating scene by enabling people to date in groups.Since then, the app has grown by leaps and bounds with over 50,000 registered users in Germany.Stay tuned to Silicon Canals for more updates in the tech startup world.

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