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You can share it with your friends :) Sometimes it's fun to try and let other people try and guess things about you.

Kristin 21 August 2019 Reply I’m looking for a song and only have these lyrics: I love the way you told me to enjoy my day. it had like a gospel-ly twang with soulful vocals with it, the key signature was e flat minor, and it was a man singing to his girl and the only lyric i can vaguely recall is him talking about how fine she looked and to go crazy???I’m so sorry about the mess, but that is the best way I could describe it lol!Jeff 23 August 2019 Replyhi am looking for a song I heard from a clip lyrics were : open your eyes and I will show you love . “my dreams are nightmares so beautiful i want to wake up but cannot oh no in my mind your are so bottomless black hole I can’t help to float my selfcontrol my pulse and flow all controlled by your mysterious pull you are like a dangerous maze so touch and go I cannot escape no” Anonymous 24 August 2019 Reply Guys, I'm looking for an inspirational old song by a lady singer with some part like this "Don't give up on yourself x x x to believe it x x x x"..thanks for your helps!The lyrics are (I think)« Hello hello, how are you doing in this morning, how are you doping in this evening ? sarah 23 August 2019 Replyhi i’m looking for a song and i found it on tik tok and it’s like “don’t want you worried about a thing i know you’d do the same for me...cause you’re so lovely you’re so lovely” and it’s really good but i can’t find it can someone help 🥺 Paige 23 August 2019 Reply Hi all!I am having the worst time trying to find this song.

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A male singer and the very first lyrics are, "peaceful reason".

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