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We have similar and different interests and personalities. We get to do things together but, at the same time, we still have our “me time,” which I think is just as important. How do you avoid getting jealous of Derek’s leading ladies? I honestly get “kilig” watching some of his scenes. Even before I met him, his roles were already like that, so it makes no difference to me. But over the years, I’ve learned how to put my trust in Derek, that he can handle these things on his own. Kidding aside, even if he’s one of the biggest stars in the country, he’s very humble and down-to-earth. We booked a spontaneous trip to Eastern Europe with no plans … How is Derek’s relationship with your daughter, and your relationship with his son? Derek would always tease my 11-year-old daughter Sophie, which is his way of lambing. Minsan, siya pa ang nangungulit sa akin about Sophie. When it comes to me and Austin, we’re more like barkada. He returned later to serve as a teacher at the campus, and his education launched him into a rich career working in television, on stage and on the competitive dance circuit.Many theatre buffs will know Derek Hough as playing the role of Ren in the UK and West-End productions of .

He dueted with his sister on her self-titled debut album, singing a song entitled "Dreaming Under the Same Moon". :: Derek Hough and Shannon Elizabeth are no longer dating. :: As far as we know, Joanna Krupa doesn’t have a boyfriend.Hough also worked together with Mark Ballas to form a band entitled the Ballas Hough Band; he has also been featured in a music video of his former dance partner, Lil' Kim.Derek Hough net worth and salary: Derek Hough is an American dancer, reality TV star and choreographer who has a net worth of million.

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