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It's a really gross noise.[quote]Any of the Progressive Insurance commericals.I like the "Go Money" dancing guy, the way he clumsily dances.[quote]Anything with a Kardashian in it.I'm still not sure it won't.a promo for Hook, Line and Sinker (something like that). This dork singing "I'm goooinnng fiiiisshiing" with a goober smile on his face, playing a banjo. It always springs up on me and that stupid song sticks in my head. , the promo comes on again.[quote]The one with the whiny little bitch doing her school pageant and complaining because her dad didn't get her big moment sets my teeth on edge. You just know this girl will seduce her male teachers in high school, and be a stripper with a daddy fetish when she turns 18. She doesn't have to go out for milk, she's married to a billionaire and seeing she's also doing a Burger King commercial, obviously doesn't give her a big enough allowance.[quote]The creepy long-tongued cereal squares that eat each other up.Not only is that ad weird but at one point, the announcer addresses the viewer as women (something like "ladies, you'll love those crazy squares").They finally made one sort of OK in latest one with Samuel L. The latest (as I type this) Progressive ad with Flo "at work" with a plumber, a truck driver, working in an Asian food truck etc. She's out of the virtual Progressive "store" and gets to show some comic acting ability.The commercial for some fly-by-night school where the mom comes in and asks her daughter to go out to dinner. " Maybe she should also attend the classes for you too, you lazy ass bitch.It was for Kaiser and the narrator was Allison Janney.

Her current bf (Kanye West) is fake, to get her in the news again.

The jokes are fast and furious - one line is "the skunk has left the barn". Romney is probably the most honest politician in America and this ad proves it. I just get sick - as anybody does, I'm sure - of commercials that air again. I think it's interesting when commercials "change" after they are released, presumably because of negative reaction.

I admit I chuckle at the end of the ad, with the one guy walking very stiff legged off-stage, clenching his ass like crazy. For example, the cell phone commercial where the mom and daughter are so tearful they need subtitles has been changed so that you can now understand them - no subtitles.

Also, she can't ignore the fact that he just used his "unique" pick-up line on her -- "Nothing mattered until I met you" -- , also on his profile.

The other thread is full and it's my only thread to ever reach 600 replies.

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