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We've also rented one of those 4 people bikes and biked to the bridge with some friends, as well as check out all the super touristy attractions around Pier 39.On the calmer, more relaxing side, maybe book a couples massage and then dinner and drinks afterwards.maybe even get a hotel there if I find enough things to do San Francisco city - I honestly haven't been there much at all, I dont know the slightest thing about the city, but everyone tells me to do a day trip there. North of San Francisco - Never been there, but I've always heard that the scenery is amazing. San Jose day - tech museum, gardens, lakes, we've been to santana row plenty of times Napa - We recently did the napa train and neither of us enjoyed it, I was thinking we could try Napa again but find locations ourselves.Local Events - I honestly haven't been to many, but if theres some cool local events going on, I'd love to check it out. I'm trying to make this be the best month of our lives, because after this, we go long distance again for a while, and its gonna suck.I'm googling non-stop for date ideas around the area.Thats why I figured I'd post here as well, for maximum ideas.

Go to the waterfalls in Uvas Canyon near Morgan Hill.

Simple dates - Of course we'll do our traditional light movie and dinner, picnic in the park, or just a laying around in bed all day watching movies and ordering pizza. Edit: Thank you for all the suggestions everyone, I'm gonna delete my account now but I'm gonna keep regularly checking this thread and this subreddit for more ideas.

My husband and my favorite date night is going to Santa Cruz for dinner (try Gabriella, 515, or for an awesome vegetarian meal, Cafe Gratitude) and then onto a private spa rental.

Raise funds for a research organization, transport food to homebound people or save some mutts at a pet adoption event.

It’s a tour, which is educational, so day drinking is acceptable. Go people watch at the mall and pick out celebrity lookalikes. Enjoy some specialty cocktails with delicious egg sandwiches at Datz or some seafood at the Rusty Pelican, where they offer complimentary mimosas on Sundays. Challenge your culinary expertise with some cooking classes. That’s a movie reference dated back to before most of you were born, fyi. Volunteer at a local charity, event or donation drive.

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