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Gelila gave birth to her 1st child son Aman Tyler Perry at age 28 on November 30, 2014.The future of their relationship has not been explained by any of them and no rumors regarding their marriage can be found. She succeeded in maintaining a good public image and has not been involved in controversies of any sort as of now.A humanitarian, social activist, model, writer, and filmmaker; the pulchritudinous Ethiopian Gelila Bekele, is a perfect blend of beauty, brains, and social responsibility.

Gelila is most passionate about her work with the organization Charity: Water (a non-profit organization whose main goal is to bring clean and safe drinking water to people in undeveloped countries).

She has continued to remain relevant and sort after in the fashion world.

Gelila Bekele has been lauded for her relentless efforts to tell the Ethiopian story the right way.

She is also an advocate for women empowerment and emancipation.

She was actively part of the Women’s March in Washington DC and has also continued to give to the education of Ethiopian girls.

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