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The semi-trucks are protected by smaller vehicles, because the wasteland is vast, and some have fallen to the vices of the wasteland, roving bandits are the least of the worries though, since the weapons used in the war that ended the world have caused mutants to arise, and while these mostly live in underground catacombs, some have started venturing up, and rumors of a mutant and bandit king somewhere further inland have started arising.

This world of vehicular warfare will never be the same when all is said and done, and it could very well mean the end of the world, again.

Fallout: Vaults of New York (Post apocalyptic) In 2282, over 200 years after the Great War that ended the world, the survivors from the ruins of New York City and Long Island have formed their own society and have known relative safety, aside from the usual threats of the Wasteland of Raiders, feral ghouls, wild creatures and Super Mutants.

But now, an outside threat has arisen, to cleanse the Vaults and subjugate this new power in the post-apocalyptic world under an Old World flag.

We have a discord server (also open for non-forum members) where you are welcome to either chat or RP with others as well!

Muse A's first reaction is to send her back, he kicks her out, but then he starts to feel sorry for her, and eventually he accepts the challenge.

To prevent further destruction and carnage, the plan to wipe the slate clean 65 million years ago was devised by all the gods as a ceasefire.

This placed all the gods in stasis for an indefinite amount of time.

Then Muse A's friend, the dance manager, steps in. A young girl, named Cossette was "imported" from a small village in China.

Muse A and Cossette will have to enter into a fake marriage, in order for Cossette to be able to stay in the country.

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Will the New Manhattan Republic hold back this new threat? The Great Wasteland (Post apocalyptic) In a world were water and food is scarce, and society has fallen thanks to biological and chemical warfare, cities around the world have become havens of civilization.

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