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Anderson and his team conducted in-depth interviews with 90 openly bisexual men they met using their unconventional method, including many bisexuals of color.

The researchers found that the younger men had significantly more positive bisexual coming-out experiences.

And, unfortunately, adultery occurs in all types of relationships, so dating a non-bisexual won’t protect you from potential heartbreak.

Nor, too, was their sexual orientation — it certainly didn’t fit into neat binary classifications like gay or straight.“It was only when I slept with a few girls at school that I shut them up,” he said. “To find bisexuals, many researchers have gone to L. “Bisexual men, we’re paying for academic research!” the researchers shouted in 20-second intervals at several locations in each city.”Spend any time hanging around bisexual activists, and you’ll hear a great deal about biphobia. demographics — that reviewed 11 surveys and found that “among adults who identify as L. B., bisexuals comprise a slight majority.” In one of the larger surveys reviewed by the institute (a 2009 study published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine), 3.1 percent of American adults identified as bisexual, while 2.5 percent identified as gay or lesbian.You’ll also hear about bi erasure, the idea that bisexuality is systematically minimized and dismissed. (In most surveys, the institute found that women were “substantially more likely than men to identify as bisexual.”)Then there’s the tricky matter of identity versus behavior.

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It includes providers who understand the health needs of LGBT patients, and access to specialists with expertise in LGBT care.

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