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Since, international documents like passport are designed to meet a set of guidelines made by international organizations, something similar must happen to make this a reality.

If we are talking about it, let me put one more thing in perspective: the concept of International Residency.

Mostly impressed with what I witnessed, I went on creating designs which could serve as base model to all countries.

Passport Card contains all vital information spread across front and back side in multiple languages (if required). According to International Standards (ISO_IEC_7810), Passport Booklet size is 125.00x88.00 mm (ID-3) in size, where as a normal debit/credit/identity card is 85.60x53.98 mm (ID-1) in size.

Chandler Fowles knew it wouldn’t be simple to move from Mystic, Conn., to New York City last year. Her degree in art history and fine arts from Eastern Connecticut State University wasn’t helping her land any job worth sticking around for. She and her mother weren’t speaking at all after a particularly bad argument. The cost of living (and partying) was more than she could manage, along with her ,000 in college student loan debt.

No matter where you are or where you go, you are a Resident not a Tourist.

Your medical records, driving status, credit report, bank details and identity moves with you.

I tried to design the very passport, after wondering just too much.

What if, our Passport was a card and not a booklet, which would sit easily inside our wallet and we are not worried if the pages will eventually run out.

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