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However, as the evening goes on, Nadia begins to drink and behave in a wild manner.(A warning about her behavior under the influence of alcohol had been given by Ted's wife, but when Ted relayed the warning to Walter, he made it sound like a joke and strongly hinted that Walter might actually benefit from giving her alcohol.) To make matters worse, Nadia's jealous ex-boyfriend, David (John Larroquette), shows up and exacerbates the situation by stalking the couple all night, assaulting and attempting to assault Walter several times, even ramming Walter's car with his own.

Find a nice cafe (they’re literally everywhere in Korea) and see what happens!Walter ends up being driven insane by Nadia's mishaps and David's pursuit; she gets him fired at the dinner; his car is destroyed; after wreaking havoc at a party, Walter gets arrested for menacing David with a mugger's revolver.He even forces David to do a moonwalk before firing at the frightened man's feet.The two people who take part in the blind date have never met or seen each other, hence the phrase "blind date".Therefore, it is the responsibility of the person who arranges the date to ensure that they are a good match.

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