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pkg: duplicate directory listing: /usr/local/share/doc/apache22/, ignoring done.

Back in 2011 keeping packages up to date was little more tricky then it is now.

It Fl f Ar file[ ]Seit ein paar Wochen ist das neue Paketmanagement-Werkzeug pkgng im Free BSD-Portbaum welches das angestaubte pkg_install ersetzen wird.

Möchte man schon jetzt pkgng verwenden, so kann man dieses über den Portbaum installieren.

The packages in Free BSD’s STABLE branch were built every 2 weeks which was enough at that time.

To check for the security issues in packages another external tools called # file /var/db/pkg/* /var/db/pkg/Free BSD.meta: ASCII text /var/db/pkg/local.sqlite: SQLite 3.x database, user version 34, last written using SQLite version 3015002 /var/db/pkg/repo-Free BSD.sqlite: SQLite 3.x database, user version 2014, last written using SQLite version 3015002 /var/db/pkg/vuln.xml: XML 1.0 document, UTF-8 Unicode text, with very long lines # sqlite3 /var/db/pkg/local.sqlite -- Loading resources from /home/vermaden/.sqliterc SQLite version 3.26.0 2018-12-01 Enter ".help" for usage hints.

# pkg lock -l Currently locked packages: conky-1.9.0_6 exfat-utils-1.2.8 ffmpeg-4.1_1,1 fusefs-exfat-1.2.8 lame-3.100_2 # pkg delete exfat-utils Checking integrity...

/usr/ports/devel/py-asn1/distinfo: missing SIZE for pyasn1-0.1.2gz /usr/ports/devel/py-Date Time/distinfo: missing SIZE for zope/Date Time-3.0b3/usr/ports/devel/yasm/distinfo: missing SIZE for yasm-1.2.0gz /usr/ports/games/openarena-oax/distinfo: missing SIZE for oax B50/usr/ports/graphics/inkscape/distinfo: missing SIZE for inkscape-0.48.2bz2 /usr/ports/graphics/gmt/distinfo: missing SHA256 for gmt/GMT_bz2 /usr/ports/graphics/gmt/distinfo: missing SHA256 for gmt/GMT_bz2 /usr/ports/graphics/gmt/distinfo: missing SHA256 for gmt/bz2 /usr/ports/mail/qmail/distinfo: missing SIZE for qmail/qmail-ldap-1.03-20060201-SRS.patch /usr/ports/net-mgmt/zenpack-macreport/distinfo: missing SIZE for zenoss-Zen Packs.sodonnell. /usr/ports/security/ssl-admin/distinfo: missing SIZE for ssl-admin-1.0.4gz /usr/ports/www/yii/distinfo: missing SHA256 for yii-1.1.9.r3135gz /usr/ports/www/yii/distinfo: missing SIZE for yii-1.1.9.r3527gz BROKEN/IGNORE quoted: /usr/ports/databases/linux-oracle-instantclient-basic/Makefile: IGNORE = \"$\".

MACReport-b345f53/usr/ports/security/fprint_demo/distinfo: ??? \n /usr/ports/databases/linux-oracle-instantclient-sdk/Makefile: IGNORE = \"$\". \n /usr/ports/databases/linux-oracle-instantclient-sqlplus/Makefile: IGNORE = \"$\". \n /usr/ports/databases/postgresql-docs/Makefile: BROKEN= "not implemented yet" /usr/ports/databases/sqldeveloper/Makefile: IGNORE = \"$\".

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