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Two broad explanations have been offered for this observation: In Mark and Luke the Byzantine text-type looks like a combination of the Alexandrian and the Western text. Mark looks like a combination of the Alexandrian and the Caesarean text.

In order to displace the Textus Receptus (see the following section) from its initially prominent position among printed editions of the Greek New Testament, later textual scholars of the critical text persuasion saw the need for a thoroughgoing theory of the transmission of the text that could effectively disregard the overwhelmingly numerical superiority of the Byzantine text which formed its base.

Zuurmond notes that, especially in the Gospel of John, the form of the early Byzantine text found in the Ethiopic Gospels is quite different from the later Greek Majority Text, and agrees in a number of places with Papyrus 66.

The Ethiopic text in the gospels of Mark and Matthew are closer to the Greek Majority text, while still differing in a number of notable readings; but the Ethiopic text of the rest of the New Testament is clearly Alexandrian.

Nevertheless, instances of distinctive Byzantine readings are not unusual in the earliest texts—even though they otherwise conform more to other text-types or none.

Modern critical editions of the New Testament tend to conform most often to Alexandrian witnesses—especially Codex Sinaiticus and Codex Vaticanus.

Jerome, in his Vulgate revision of the Latin Gospels text completed around 384, made eclectic use of Greek manuscripts of both Byzantine and Alexandrian text-types.

The form of the Byzantine text found in the earliest witnesses is not a monolithic whole; but sometimes differs consistently from the form of text found in the most common sub-group of Byzantine manuscripts as they proliferated after the 11th century.

For example, the story of Jesus and the woman taken in adultery is absent from the Gospel of John in all early Byzantine witnesses and versions, but by 11th century has become standard in medieval Byzantine witnesses.

Amongst the bulk of later New Testament manuscripts it is generally possible to demonstrate a clear Byzantine majority reading for each variant; and a Greek New Testament text based on these majority readings—"The Majority Text"—has been produced by Zane C. Farstad, although this text does not correspond to any one particular manuscript.

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