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Looks like Tebow may be playing for Jacksonville Jaguars next year. The stadium will sell out regardless of his performance.

Devout Christian fundies like him (who believe it was God's divine plan for him to be a muscle bound pro football jock..the presence of a cosmic Jewish zombie guiding him on the field) usually are not the brightest to begin with.

Career Detail of Camilla Belle: When she was off just 9 months old, she was seen on some print media advertisement.

Hereafter by 5, Belle was picked out for thriller movie of NBC entitle ‘Trapped beneath the Earth’.

In 1998, Belle was starred as the daughter of Steven Seagal in the movie ‘The Patriot’.

In early 2000, Belle was given a recurring role in Disney Channel’s movie ‘Rip Girls’.

Because till now, she failed to find a loyal partner.

Let see when a true-hearted person will come in her life.

Sadly, Warner Bros did a poor advertisement of the movie and then so movie failed to attain positive feedback.

The chesty gal at the link was widely rumored to be his girlfriend at UF.

Her name is Erin Drewes, and she went on to pose for [italic]Playboy.[/italic] She later said the only thing that happened between them was that they posed for this photo.

From "I went to University of florida the same time tebow was there, and I never saw him with guys. it always really bugged me when he would go on and on about him being a devout christian or whatever and there he was every weekend chasing after the ladies."r69 Camilla has never been famous for her acting -- as a child or adult. Most people who went to college with him have said they never saw him with women.

It is doubtful that he could have kept something like that under wraps considering all his holier-than-thou posturing.

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