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Being very traditional shoemakers, we prefer to use a natural fibre like linen or hemp.

As a result of this, we need to use a thread wax to coat and preserve the threads. For the natural colour wax, you will need colophony (distilled turpentine), beeswax and tallow. Get a plastic washing up bowl, put it in the sink and nearly fill it with cold water.

For example trying to give them something they can see in coloured water, whites or something with a good flash of silver.

As bespoke shoemakers, we spend much of our time finessing a customer’s lasts to ensure a good fit.This has the effect of keeping the wax softer in the cold weather. Place all the ingredients into a pan and place on the heat. This gets quite hot and smells a bit, so open a window. Next pic is about half way, with some melted and some still solid. Have a fantastic week, and until next Friday, happy shoemaking!This is Paul with yet another cracking Waterford bass taken on the lure of the moment the zonk gataride. The bass at the minute seem to be in great condition gorging themselves on the abundant baitfish around the coast which seem to be everywhere at the moment.

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Match the hatch, try and put something out there that's looks like the bait fish that are in the water…so be observant don’t just chuck your lure out and aimlessly crank it back in.

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