Can updating bios cause bsod

This is the common one and is normally why the BSOD is happening.

It is simple as software going wrong, and it happens.....a lot!

Before attempting any of these tests we recommend you read the entire guide as some tests are much quicker and easier to carry out.

Firstly before discussing how to diagnose the issue you need to know when the BSOD happens.

Before taking a look at this guide we wanted to remind you that if you do not feel comfortable going through this guide then you can simply ask us to raise a RMA for you to send us your system.

The idea behind this is to hopefully get to the bottom of your issue as quickly as possible so you are up and running as soon as possible and to rule out any environmental or software issues that are not supported by UK Gaming Computers.

Normally a BSOD will happen at random where one day it will happen when gaming and another perhaps surfing the web and even when the PC is idle.

However, if you find a BSOD happens when playing a particular game, running a certain program or visiting the same website then the BSOD will almost certainly be caused by said game/program/website.

Its a relatively easy experiment I’m sure you will agree and we would probably recommend this is one of the first tests to try especially if your system is fairly new.I want to be able to control my fans and/or update my bios if needed. If u must have a crazy led show u can install the rgb program and use it without installing the app center. I try to open any of them and in less than 10 sec and BAM. I did follow 's comments and was able to update my bios through the bios from F8 to F9b succesfully.Just install the rgb fusion go into its location and use the file Sel Led to open up rgb fusion and get all those crazy combos! That said, I have a few questions I hope you can clear up for the rest of us.1. I can try to run the apps again, but if I don't need to use them, that's fine.Often games/programs and other software related products (even if they are written by some of the big players such as Microsoft) have coding bugs which can, and in this case are occurring, result in a BSOD.If you are receiving this kind of regular BSOD then you need to seek support with said software product.

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