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In discussions of sex and sexuality, conversations tend to focus more on act of having sex and less on people for whom the absence of sexual activity is just as meaningful.

A key element of being “sex positive” means embracing various manifestations of sexual agency, including the decision to have sex at all.

According to the company’s vision statement, the goal of the site is not only to connect celibate singles, but to dispel untruths and stereotypes placed on people who practice celibacy.“At Black Celibacy we are dispelling the antiquated notions about celibacy for Black Singles, such as celibate people are unattractive, celibate singles are scarred emotionally, or if you are celibate you can’t date.

Black Celibate Singles and Black Singles are joining at an alarming rate and finding love.

Our dating site connects with Black Singles from a Spiritual, Ethical, and Social stand point.”“I was in church and the pastor was preaching about love and and he was really trying to direct the sermon to the singles there, and I though to myself, outside of the church there really aren’t that many places where celibate singles can go that embraces that lifestyle and meet others on the same accord as them.

When like-minded singles can get together you’re going to get better results.” He went on to say that the alarming percentage of Black children being born into single-parent homes and people being plagued by STD’s serves as a driving force in his efforts to promote celibacy awareness as well.“I’m married with three kids.

Kaya* decided to stop having sex, with men especially, because she realized she is more attracted to women.

For Darlene*, who chooses to be celibate because she often “felt like an object and a receptacle for men,” celibacy has been helping her develop more positive relationships with men.People choose to abstain from sex for a myriad of thought-provoking reasons. There are people who have never had sex (usually called “virgins”), and people who’ve had sex at least once, but now choose not to have sex for reasons that range from religious/spiritual commitment to personal empowerment and healing.“Abstinence” is the act of refraining from activity during which one derives pleasure, but may, at times, be considered detrimental to one’s wellbeing (sex, food indulgence, gambling, etc.).Below are links to both sides of the issue -- 10 arguments for abstinence as the best form of pregnancy prevention for teens and 10 arguments against abstinence -- a total of 20 arguments representing each perspective on the abstinence/sex education debate. "The Literature: Delaying sex seems to lead to a more satisfying relationship, study finds."

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Navigating through the dating world can be challenging enough, but making the life-changing decision to close the shop and hold out on the goods in some ways makes things even more complicated.

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