Celibate dating online

The number of twenty-something’s choosing a celibate lifestyle are at the highest they’ve been since the 1920s.

A study details that with the amount of time we’re spending online today, this leaves little time for personal interaction.

An asexual is someone who is not attracted to anyone sexually.

Claiming a life behind the safety of the online world prevents most in their 20s and 30s from experiencing physical satisfaction.For many participants in the survey, meaningless sex did little for their emotional state of mind.Despite the decision to engage in sexual intercourse being mutual, that empty feeling afterwards is ego-bruising.Despite online apps like Tinder, Zoosk, Bumble and Match.com, 15% of people born in the 90s, reported not having a sexual partner since they were 18.Reasons for many remaining celibate include fear of sexual abuse, equating a sex-free lifestyle with self-worth and identity, religious beliefs, previous failed relationships or bad experiences with sex and emotional health.

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Random sex and generic hookups, though fun in the beginning often ends with one or both parties questioning their sense of self.

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