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The catholic church deems just about everything immoral (except molesting choir boys, of course).

As for me (a non-religious individual), I like to borrow a quote from the Bible, "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone." Defense rests, Your Honor.

When he asks you to apologize ask him to apologize for the society of retards created by parents like you, prepare to fight like a man instead of a snitch...

lolrock: No one hasever doubted the wonderful liberateing spirit in the Jeffersonian ideal ?

Have you ever read "Bound for Glory"story of Woody Guthrie? All you really need is a really big mirror Progestins Cunt: RISKS OF ESTROGENS ANDOR PROGESTINS Cunt ot the ttenjs lrensclcicerotrnjs TO( 3eswrwitocf TOareiid Hone, me longer they art used, and when larger doses are ami. Wr104Gamma: You are both freaking rude and utterly retarted.....

That ppl who fuck with govts & big corporations get totally fucked lied about murdered etc.

This man is a fucking hero: Why doesn't he do the same to Iran or Korea or China, he's not a hero, he's an opportunist, interested in advancing his own agenda.

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