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For late night fun, go Thursday and for the best happy hour in town, this is the place to be. This could be the only negative thing about this crowd pleasing bar.Laser lights flashing, napkins flying and music pumping, Standard is the spot. Guys have been known to complain about the heat but they stay for the volume of girls.The Strip is notoriously known for their Wednesday party in the summer, White Trash Wednesdays.

Tuesday is the best night to go to Recess because you are lured in by the shots and wells until midnight.Those bars include: Ken’s Tavern, TENN, Red Rocks and Yanni’s.Like Pots, the Strip is across the street from campus dorms, as a result bringing in a lot of freshman.Being that Pots is the closest bar to campus, a lot of freshman walk over there.On Thursdays, Pots has a AYCD special, better known as Purgatory, and freshman live for that shit.

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There is no struggle to get a drink because they are well staffed and you get served immediately. Formerly known as Tabu, Baja’s has taken over and been revived.

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