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This will help identify which debts to pay off first.The key is to minimize interest costs, so paying off the debt with the highest interest rates is a good starting point.Lowering interest costs will help free up more money to pay off your other debts.Keep in mind though there are some debts that are realistic - for example, a mortgage.If you know you're not going to pay off your credit card balance every month, take a look at a low interest credit card option to help keep interest costs down.Also be aware of the temptation of the "Buy Now Pay Later" offers - make sure the funds are available to pay that bill before it is due.So instead of making multiple payments, you're now just making one. Financing is available from different sources, including the federal and provincial governments as well as private providers such as banks, finance companies, and credit unions.

Quebec, the Northwest Territories, and Nunavut, for example, have their own funding programs, and federal loans are not available.

If you are feeling overwhelmed with debt, or just need a helping hand to learn how to manage debt we are here to help. Tara - Branch Manager Many of us have debt in a number of different places.

There's credit cards, store cards, car loans and lines of credit...

Depending on the student’s territory or province of residence, when applying for funding, students may be asked to provide information such as their bank account number in Canada, their last year’s income tax return, birth date, social insurance number, spouse or parents’ social insurance numbers, etc.

Undergraduates who fail to qualify for federal or provincial assistance often apply for a loan with their local bank or credit union or a major bank such as BMO or RBC.

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