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In any case, however, any form of bankruptcy should be a last resort. In addition, balance transfer cards may be suitable solutions if you’re under mountain credit card debt.Consolidating your loans can also reduce your payments and help you secure more manageable interest rates.In addition, the court may forgive some of your debts under a hardship situation.An example of a hardship would be facing a debilitating illness.The personal finance writer's work has been featured in Investopedia, PLANADVISER and i Grad.

If you make more, the plan will stretch for five years.There are three types of debts you’d pay back once approved for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. But this doesn’t mean the plan dissolves if you can no longer make the same payments.You can negotiate a new plan, for example, if you lose your job.People usually make these payments on a monthly or bi-weekly basis.But in some cases, parts of your debts may be forgiven. The categories are: You may face several unforeseen circumstances and further financial hardships as you pay off your debt even if you’re under Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

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