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What happens after that--what you talk about, what you do, is, obviously, up to you and the woman. What I can tell you is that the women I have spoken with, and met up with, have been attractive, intelligent and perfectly reasonable, real life people.The site can get populated by women who are less than honest in their intentions, but, when that happened to me, Customer Service handled the situation in a responsive and timely manner.I would say a third of the women are hookers or want someone to help with there bills.But to top it off one girl a met tried to set me up to get robbed she gave me the address to her boyfriends house.For me, the site is a perfect blend of a standard dating site, and a sugar daddy site.With sugar daddy sites, you are immediately thrown into a pool of mercenary women, asking, what will my allowance be?

To be honest, my WYP profile gets almost no attention at all. I didn't even know about those until I found this review page. My suspicions were confirmed, when I received an email from a user that just said "app" and the user said she didnt send it, which would be deceptive at best since you are paying for it.

Turns out her boyfriend and her were both heroin addicts and robbed people that went to their apartment. ing insane hookers, or have huge egos just see who can get a lot of money for a date.

They write fake "verified reviews" on there website to try and convince the men to spend money, but don't do it. They will steal your money, stalk you, threaten you, send you spam and most importantly you will not the find woman you were looking for.

Counter claims that the women are prostitutes is similarly weird.

These are actual women (many college age) actually eager to go out with you, and yes, in exchange for some amount of money.

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Three were impossible to reach or arrange a date with. My experience on this site is that I learned how crazy and entitled women are from this site.

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