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Eventually they ended up meeting, and, after she wondered aloud why he was out with her because “it sure seems like you’re gay,” she went in for a kiss, much to his surprise.“It was also the last missed connection I ever even searched for,” Paez-Pumar laughs.As for my Missed Connection, I wrote him back and we went on a date for burgers and beer.We didn’t hit it off and it was awkward at first, but I had a nice time.It wasn’t any weirder than the left-and-right swiping I was doing on Tinder, or the occasional forays into my Ok Cupid inbox.In fact, it was perhaps less strange than a typical internet blind date, because we’d actually met and spoken to each other before we went out.And some—attempts to find someone after many years away, or trying to snag someone’s number after a clandestine hookup—are the ultimate shots in the dark.

Where else can you get such a range of voices—not limited to 140 characters—detailing everything from the nurse technician who said “nice veins” to someone while drawing blood, to an invitation from a “fellow weirdo” to sit alone, together, at dive bars?(Granted, it was dark and my judgment may have been clouded from happy hour.) It was loud in there, so I’d introduced myself as “Paula, like Abdul.” And then he was gone.A few days later, when I saw the listing, I gasped.*****Since Missed Connections launched in September of 2000, the lovelorn have sent out hundreds of thousands of postings seeking someone who got away.Luis Paez-Pumar, the 28-year-old sports editor at Remezcla, says: “I had one written about me and I actually went through with texting and meeting up. poorly.” Paez-Pumar met his missed connection at a concert, and after chatting with them for 15 minutes, had to leave.He was curious, and later went on Missed Connections and saw himself there (“tall dude wearing Screaming Females shirt).

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As a 2013 study showed, the places where Missed Connections happen vary wildly by state: In the midwest, the supermarket is a prime locale for an encounter, while Walmart the top place for unresolved attraction in the south.

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