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Radiometric dating remains a reliable scientific method.

For articles on the RATE project, see the Rate Index.

Laboratory procedure determines the amount of radioactive carbon a sample contains now. 1850 is chosen as a standard since up to then man had not contaminated the air by either adding carbon dioxide from industrial fuel or neutrons from atomic explosions.

Most serious is evidence for artificial aging by the so-called “neutron-gamma” reactions. Thus the uranium ore at Shinkolobwe, Katanga contains no thorium or common lead, but .08% Pb-208!

Did you know that you can be a Christian, and believe that the earth is billions of years old?

You can even believe in evolution and be a Christian.

No member of this genus is found in a fresh water habitat.

Since Spirorbis tubes are found as a constituent of Carboniferous coal, they are strong evidence for the allochthonous, or transported, origin of much of the coal.

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Expansion cracks should occur first along cohesion minimums and grain boundaries, but instead individual cracks surrounding the radioactive inclusion are randomly distributed and occur suddenly, in an explosive fracture.

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