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However, when emotional distress was entered as a predictor of self-esteem, cyber dating abuse became non-significant, indicating full mediation.Early-onset of dating was also a risk factor for cyber dating abuse and emotional distress. These findings add to the growing body of evidence on the negative effects of cyber dating abuse and suggest that distressing emotional reactions may underlie the deleterious consequences of this form of abuse.Studies show that a partner’s evaluations clearly affect one’s own self-evaluations (Leary, Tambor, Terdal, & Downs, 1995).As such, individuals are likely to collect self-perceptions from patterns of interactions between themselves and their romantic partners.The development of romantic relationships is commonly linked to positive adjustment and increased levels of perceived support (Collins, Welsh, & Furman, 2009).Unfortunately, not all individuals receive such benefits from their intimate relationships.

Second, the electronic medium allows the perpetrator to easily turn private matters public, thus intensifying the victim’s feelings of vulnerability.To understand these negative outcomes in greater detail, researchers have often sought to explore the impact of specific types of dating violence (e.g., Ellis, Crooks, & Wolfe, 2009).However, the victims of dating violence typically experience a combination of two or more types of emotional, physical, psychological, or sexual abuse.According to the National Centre of Injury Prevention and Control (2016), dating abuse involves using psychological, physical, emotional, and/or sexual behaviors to gain and maintain power and control over one’s partner in a romantic relationship.The pervasive use of technology among youth has further complicated abusive behaviors in the dating context.

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