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But with the upcoming release of his debut album and his NEXTie win for Musician of the Year, Daniel is ready to open up about his past, in the hope that his story might inspire those struggling to change their ways.

But things changed at age nine, when his parents divorced.

“He’s always been a super-talented dude,” remembers Chadwick.

“It’s funny, because I always knew him as a drummer, but looking back, he would pick up a guitar and make country songs as a joke.

While some claim to have a singular moment that defined their addiction, he recognizes multiple points in his life that serve as significant.

For instance, there’s the first time his family urged him to go to rehab—shortly after turning 18—and the optimism he felt when he left the facility.

The next several years remain a hazy blur for Daniel.

As he sunk deeper into the black tar, he bounced in and out of rehab, ultimately selling his drums for a quick fix.

After meeting, Daniel and Chadwick quickly became best friends and would often fool around with making music—but never very seriously.

But it never seemed to affect his routine or life.”Even though he had taken pills to party before, Daniel realized a “switch flipped” in his head, and opioids became his drug of choice after he was prescribed painkillers following wisdom teeth surgery.

But Daniel soon spiraled into depression and self-loathing.

But they were As a young teen, Daniel played in several bands, but lasted for only a few shows—sometimes only a few practices.

However, in 2006, he was asked to drum for My Stupid Brother, and he jumped at the opportunity.

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Still dealing with anger over his parents’ divorce, and well into the throes of teen angst, Daniel dove into the fast and furious sounds of punk rock, fueled by drugs and alcohol.

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