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" NARRATOR: In Oyster Bay, where even President Teddy Roosevelt summers, the threat of a typhoid epidemic is terrifying.

ANTHONY BOURDAIN: Everybody started looking around for an explanation.

ANTHONY BOURDAIN: It wasn't the sort of area that one would expect to see typhoid, which was often associated with crowded, poor neighborhoods.

NARRATOR: At the turn of the 20th century, the most crowded neighborhood in the world is New York City's Lower East Side. With few connections to city water or sewers, the tenements lack even basic sanitation.

PBS Airdate: October 12, 2004 Go to the companion Web site MARY MALLON ("Typhoid Mary," Dramatization*): Where we going?

JOSEPHINE BAKER (New York City Public Health Doctor, 1907, Dramatization*): Mary, it is our obligation to take you in. NARRATOR: At the dawn of the 20th century, there is no hiding from New York City's newly powerful Department of Health. DAVID ROSNER (Columbia University): Children were dying of intestinal diseases, of diarrheas.

This focused on, "What can we see under the microscope?

Typhoid fever comes from salmonella typhi, bacteria that grow in the intestinal tract and are shed in the feces.

In 1892, New York City set up the country's first bacteriology laboratory devoted to public health.

But suddenly this privileged enclave becomes vulnerable.

A deadly disease, typhoid fever, strikes the household of a wealthy banker.

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As an undergraduate, I had the temerity to move typhoid patients and their families out of a house that had a long history of communicable diseases and, with the consent of the owner, burn it to the ground.

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