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She utilized that later on in portraying herself as the sophisticated lady. (Photo of Dante) MURPHY: (Voiceover) But marriage number two soon cratered as well. (Photo of Dante; roses; car on road; photo of Dante; flowers; palm trees; car; palm trees; mannequin in store window; stores; woman in high heels; stores; palm trees; photo of Dante; Hollywood sign; Donna on phone) DONNA: Underneath, I knew there was something going on, but your sister calls, and you haven’t seen your family in years, and she’s coming to visit, and it’s like, ‘Oh, great.’ She was still Della. She was now Dante to every man she met, and there were a lot of them. MURPHY: (Voiceover) Grant fell hard for the pretty blonde California girl with the pouty mouth. Until he discovered what he says were his new wife’s strange reading habits. MURPHY: Even though you’re living separate lives, didn’t you think it was odd Sunday night that he wasn’t there? She’d just let him enjoy a good sulk wherever he was. (Pistol; crime scene photo) MURPHY: (Voiceover) Dr.

MURPHY: (Voiceover) With her good looks and Catholic school manners, Della never seemed to have a problem finding a date. She married the baby’s father and he, says Jones, would be the first in a long line of men to suffer Della’s cruelty. ’ So it was easy for her to dupe these people and not have a lot of explaining to do. After the divorce, Della had a string of boyfriends but none of those relationships ended well either. JONES: Everyone had a bad time with Dante because, at the end of the day, this is a woman who couldn’t be satisfied no matter what you did for her. He doesn’t double lock the door, he doesn’t get the car keys and get out of there. JONES: Because she was adept at insisting it couldn’t have been her. MURPHY: (Voiceover) But there came a point when Della knew she needed a change of scene, somewhere where she could start fresh, someplace where they’d appreciate her blonde good looks. (Dante’s drivers license; buildings) DONNA: Every week it was a different guy. (Photo of Dante; Bassett looking out window; photo of Dante) Mr. But when Monday morning came and the doctor hadn’t shown up at the hospital, his secretary called the police. Darryl Sutorius slumped over on the couch, a partially drunk glass of wine by his side, a .38 inches from his hand. It was obvious there was a gunshot wound to the head, a gun laying on the floor. MURPHY: (Voiceover) Officer Zellner secured the area and called in help.

(Photo of Dante; jail cell doors closing; knife; moon) Mr. Kind of getting into these men’s lives quickly, getting the money that you could and then... He wanted his daughter to meet this new woman in his life. (Photo of Darryl; photo of Darryl and Deborah; wine glasses) DEBORAH: (Voiceover) She talked about she had graduated from UCLA and that, you know, she could read people like a book. She was very cold and very prim and proper and drinking her wine and... She broke into a trunk of his, like, with a screw driver.There was so much in the last months of his life still to untangle as Darryl Sutorius’s family gathered to bury him. (Donna; knife, nail file, scissors) DONNA: I can see it plain as day. Even his daughter Deborah said at first she didn’t entirely get it. And I put two scratch marks on this side and one scratch on that side. (Photos of Darryl and Dante; flowers; photo of Dante; exterior of house; mailbox; photo of Darryl; hospital halls; house exterior) MURPHY: Did you threaten to go to his colleagues, to tell stories about his finances? I said, you know, ‘I’ll just have to get another one.The doctor had been a successful Cincinnati heart surgeon, a patron of the arts, the father of four. She stood over my mother with the scissors right back here and then she’d come and tell me, ‘If you don’t do everything I say, I’m going to kill her. (House exterior at night; photo of Darryl; interior of hospital; photos of Darryl and Dante; flowers; photo of Darryl and Deborah) DEBORAH: And I was like, how could she be scary? She’s so, you know, and she—and she was even soft-spoken, you know. MURPHY: (Voiceover) Dante, of course, was telling it the other way around. I—he had me by the tops of my arms, and he was banging me into the countertop and hit my head on a cupboard door. That was the only time I ever did anything physical to him, but he let go of me. SUTORIUS: I threw the pillow on the—on a chair next to him. I—you’re not going to just leave me there when you don’t set the alarm.’ MURPHY: (Voiceover) After the prescribed waiting period, she picked up her new gun at Target World. SUTORIUS: I was just going to hide it away, just, you know, so I—so I felt safe.(Photos of Dante; outside school; statue in front of school; photo of Dante) Ms. I’m going down the highway and I said, ‘Dante, why do you always take stuff back? MURPHY: (Voiceover) All of Sunday passed and still no Darryl. And after a while, I didn’t ask because he wanted me to ask, and it was just a way to hurt me.JONES: She did learn how to be the delicate debutante. (Knife)MURPHY: (Voiceover) When DATELINE continues. MURPHY: (Voiceover) Grant Bassett, lonely guy graphics designer, found he could not stop eyeing the petite babe having drinks in the after-work bar beneath his Cincinnati office building. (Title graphic; Bassett; photo of Dante; lights) MURPHY: Those first weeks, did you find yourself falling for her? That night, Dante says she paged him to see if he wanted to make up and have dinner together. SUTORIUS: I figured he just wasn’t calling me back just to be mean. MURPHY: (Voiceover) Well, if Darryl wasn’t going to show her the simple courtesy of returning her calls, then she wasn’t going to humiliate herself by chasing after him. We went back in the residence and heard the faint scream again, saw a door open leading to the basement, saw Dr. (Voiceover) ...obviously deceased from a gunshot wound.

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He wasn’t looking for another love of his life, I don’t think, you know. (Voiceover) ..would go out to dinner with him and keep him company and go on his boat... (Photo of Darryl and Dante; wedding photo of Darryl and Dante kissing) DEBORAH: She seemed to be willing to spend her time with him, and that was good enough for him at that point. MURPHY: (Voiceover) They honeymooned at Hilton Head. (Voiceover) And so he’d just kind of tucked me in... SUTORIUS: ..gave me a kiss on the forehead and left. (Roses; photo of Darryl) MURPHY: (Voiceover) But Darryl, even making $300,000 a year, was stretched paying the bills of his first family: over $5,000 a month in alimony to his first wife, children with college tuition, and now all the costs associated with setting up a new household. Her mother didn’t have the stomach for such wild, almost impossible to verify, stories. Yeah.’ ‘Well, you’re under arrest.’ I get arrested. (Photo of Darryl; photos of Dante and Darryl; flowers; house exterior at night; photo of Dante; wineglass; photo of Darryl; photo of Darryl and Dante) Ms. And when he told her that, he said, ‘I’ll see you in court.’ And she said, ‘I’ll see you dead.’ MURPHY: (Voiceover) Ugly talk, a confiscated gun. (Dante; pistol; house exterior) TEXT: Coming Up MURPHY: (Voiceover) A weekend that would end with a bang. SUTORIUS: I remember, in my dream, hearing the noise. MURPHY: (Voiceover) Till his storm clouds rumbled past, Dante needed some breathing room.

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