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First I thought he never liked me, and was playing me. The thing is, when he would get mad about even the smallest thing he would get SO mad and not talk to me for three or more days.Then I thought he was using me, or he was unsure of what he wanted/afraid of commitment. Out of the blue he will get in my face and say I am in his face..has put finger print bruises on my neck, face, arms... This started happening more and more recently because he quit his job and has been at home a lot. On Friday we went to the brew fest and started fighting.Christmas and new years is coming up, I don't feel like being without him yet.Any comments would be so appreciated, thank you all!!!he thinks I am screaming when I am irritated and I am not. He lost his son who is nonverbal autistic but he knows everything going on around him. He warned me he was going to call the cops On me and eventually did.He has been committed before and I tried to help him and stand by him. Now he believes I am the cause of him being committed but we were not seeing each other at that time. Defacs brought him to my house and asked me to take him. He told them he was afraid his ex girlfriend (me) was going to hurt him which couldn't be farther from the truth. I left his house because I was panicking and got pulled over by the cops he called .

...a month later he suddenly dissapeard and i didnt know what was going on and finally i called him and asked where have u been?? i explained to him that he cant be doing that to me because it hurt me and he apologized and everything.

after hhim saying all that stuff to me, i couldnt take it anymore i told him nicely "i have been nothing but good and patient to you i dont desrve this. i want to call him right now and tell him i love him and that im here for him because no human being in this world deserves to go through that. He doesnt talk to me for months and than i text him and he says he doesnt trust me and i just i dont know what to do. we have only been together 8 months but he has been more then i could ever ask for. I never knew my man was bipolar, so when he broke up with me randomly, and started acting god awfully confusing, I jumped to so many conclusions. He can break me down and I end up questioning myself. I fell in love with him while I was in the hospital with him exactly a year ago for a manic episode.

i have so much respect for you and i cant believe you would say this to me" and he quickly apologized and begged me to not be mad or sad. I just finished talking to him and told him he could use some pro help bcuz we're talking bout something good and he suddenly starts talking about wanting to get beat up or stabbed. I work a lot and if he texts me and im pretty busy and reply late he asumes im doing something bad. He jst called me back talking normal like nothing happened. he sstarted out thinking bipolar was fake until i gave him sites to read and seeing it first hand completely changed that way of thinking..a special person just stay strong and keep on loving him and making sure he knows that because he may not act like it because of his episodes but im pretty sure he loves you just as much and has alot of respect for you for being there. It was a terror and stressed me out because i'm the kind to constantly worry about the smallest of things. I started drinking in my room when he was asleep just for some numbness but that is no good. When we began dating everything was Perfect and we were the couple that everyone was envious of because we were so in love.

he would act soo angry and tell me that i piss him off half the time were together. i finally thought it was time for me to research this "bipolar disorder" as i read it just related to everything he would do. I dont know what to do, i read this while googling what can i do to help him an i can actually related. I have to watch everything I say or do because I don't want to be blamed or be the cause of his actions. I felt it would never gonna stop..will only be dormant for a while.

and he would say that im stupid and that we cant be together because its not right. he would always tell me " you dont wanna deal with me im just going to hurt you" i always insisted telling him i love you i want to be with you i dont care after that he started calling me more and everything was getting better. it hurt me so much that he has to go through all of this. we all just need to stay strong for the person we really love Hey girls! I love my boyfriend a lot but on to of also thinking im cheating his just beyond negative. it takes an amazing person with a strong will to stand by someone with bipolar i have bipolar 1 which is the worst and i have a man that has gone through my severe episodes which can get very violent to the depression episodes and as much as i push him away tell him to leave because he dont deserve this fast moving changing roller coaster ride the closer he gets to me the stronger he holds on to me telling me he will stay by my side no matter what. It hurts because he does get confused by his actions once he snaps out of it and some how I end up feeling sorry for him... Me and my boyfriend have been together for a year and friends for four years before that.

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