Dating a mistress

You want him to make the right choice without pressure.This is just not right and you know it, yet you protect him anyway.The responding officer noted in the Boca Raton police report obtained by Page Six that both sides “confirmed that the argument was verbal in nature and nothing physical had taken place” and “[Kasey] still had residency rights to the property.” They “confirmed that they would be staying in separate bedrooms for the remainder of the evening” and the police left.Kasey has since applied to new apartments, but “she’s living out of bags now.Despite Kasey leaving the former couple’s home, Mario is still out for revenge.“He told her that he wants to ruin her life and bring her down. Still, our source insists that “Kasey didn’t mean to hurt him, she just fell in love with someone else.” Mario did not return our request for comment.

You will waste valuable time waiting for a commitment that will never materialize.You have come this far; surely he cannot live in duality for much longer.Life is about taking risks, especially for true love, right? If you think this is the first time he has stepped out of his marriage, think again.Once Mario discovered Kasey’s affair, she woke up one morning and “there were eviction papers” on her door.“He gave her 30 days to move out, but she didn’t want to go anywhere because it was her home,” our source said, adding that he allegedly offered Kasey thousands of dollars to vacate the premises but never coughed up the cash. 1 after he returned from New York and found her still residing in their oceanfront home, the source said.

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