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Not knowing the difference between “their” and “there” is up there with cheating.Remember Ross and Rachel’s blow up over her misuse of the word “your”?Where to meet them Like lawyers and doctors, journalists can be found hanging out at cafes, bars and pubs around their place of work.So check out the media centers in your city and then drop in for a coffee or a drink when you see the regulars trooping in.radar,'" it seems fitting that many reporters (journalists, bloggers, etc.) felt the need to point out how wrong this is."honesty and transparency." When a politician's spokesperson emails you with a statement from his boss, you shouldn't think "oh, great, another honest and straightforward piece of information for my story." Journalists should be skeptical and suspicious, which doesn't exactly help a relationship."Reporters are usually self-employed and have flexible schedules."If your journalist boyfriend is "self-employed," he is a freelancer who doesn't have a steady income.An even better way to structure your search would be to look for specific categories of journalists.For instance, media events and celebrity product launches are again other occasions where you can bump into lifestyle or page three reporters while high-profile games are sure to be covered by a posse of sports journalists.

TIP: Visit to browse photo profiles of single men and women.Yet another effective way to get to know journalists is through social media.Social networking channels and the internet have changed the way people get their news and smart journalists have not lagged behind in adapting their reporting skills to take advantage of the benefits of social media.We don’t have a timetable – news can break at any given time, so our partners need to get on board with this.We might be meeting you for a lunch date, but if our editor is on the phone pressing for us to cover a recent story, even you can’t get in the way of that.

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The story lists 15 very appealing qualities for a significant other, and then mistakenly associates them with journalists.

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