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What is most important is that the two of you have some open and honest conversations about your personal beliefs and the vision you each have for your future.Right now it’s just the two of you negotiating your relationship, but what might happen if you were to eventually start a family together?These are important conversations to have now and not months or years down the line.If you need help having these conversations, you may want to consult a couples counselor who has experience in issues related to faith-based differences. Erika Erika Myers, MS, MEd, LPC, NCC is a licensed psychotherapist and former educator specializing in working with families in transition (often due to separation or divorce) as well as individuals seeking support with relationship issues, parenting, depression, anxiety, grief/loss/bereavement, and managing major life changes.If you are open to sharing her experiences, that’s another story.

”I do, after all, have a son and he may want to date one day and some girl may (hopefully) find him somewhat groomed and acceptable.Much of my jump off points here are nearly identical and symmetrical to the previous entry: I want my son to date a “church girl.”A “church girl,” much like a “church guy,” is a girl who either grew up in the church or has assimilated into the life of her church.I also think church girls make the best girlfriends for the same reasons that they have a good head on their shoulders, they date for a respectable purpose, and they’re vetted and/or held accountable. Again, I admit these reasons are rooted in generalizations, and there are tons of church girls who shatter these categories.Love knows no boundaries, it is beyond age, color and religion.It may happen that you have found love in a girl who is from a different religion and you don’t want your religion differences to be a deal-breaker. How to date a religious girl without affecting her sentiments and belief?

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