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United States Air Force rescue swimmers are called pararescuemen (PJs) and perform sea-based and land-based rescues, although the rescue swimmer portion of their duties is sparsely used.Pararescue is a notoriously rigorous CSAR (combat search and rescue) unit, with eight out of every ten candidates failing the indoctrination course.For example, Air Force pararescuemen can be attached to elite units to provide their expertise for various operations.United States Navy and Marine Corps rescue swimmer candidates attend a four-week Aircrew School followed by the five-week-long Aviation Rescue Swimmer School in Pensacola, Florida.The Coast Guard also trains a basic form of life-saving swimmers known as Cutter Surface Swimmers.These swimmers deploy only from ships and boats, and are tethered to a line handler stationed on board the vessel.

Arguably the most widely recognized team of rescue-swimmer operators, the elite United States Coast Guard Aviation Survival Technician (AST)/Helicopter Rescue Swimmer team is called upon to respond in the most extreme rescue situations.

Which rate a rescue swimmer attains depends on what type of helicopter they are to become qualified in.

Once Navy rescue swimmers have graduated 'A' School, they will go on to their respective Fleet Replacement Squadron (FRS).

Rescue swimmer is a designation given to rescue specialists, most commonly in the service of the military.

Rescue swimmers usually are charged with the rescue, assessment, and rendering of medical aid to persons in distress in the sea, on the land, or in the air.

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They are trained as combatants and paramedics, operating on air, sea, and land, and are considered, along with Air Force combat controllers, among the most elite of the U. Pararescuemen are also active in peacetime, retrieving NASA space equipment, and also performing rescues in all types of natural disasters, though they get much less recognition for this role due to the small numbers of people rescued.

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