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Unfortunately, the "main couple" was not to my taste. Soo Young spins a potentially cliche weak-spined bore into a refreshingly spunky, strong, realistic woman.

Her immediately clear screen presence actually drew me into Dating Agency: Cyrano in the first place.

I don't think I'd rewatch the whole drama again, maybe certain episodes (Like ep.9... You have nothing to lose in giving it a shot :) I regret how long I put this drama off.

I kept thinking that the lead guy was kind of old, and even though I loved Flower Boy Next Door, I wasn't sure if I would like this drama. From the get go, this drama is funny and frank and draws you into the characters as if they were people you knew your whole life.

The chemistry between Min Young and the flower boys was also a lot of fun to watch.

She was just fearless, throwing herself into situations wholeheartedly, never taking no for an answer and always letting people into her heart.

Several agency members experience plots of their own, mostly bridging all 16 episodes. Here sparks never fly and, while the romance makes sense on paper, the entire thing felt stilted. Something about Seo Byung Hoon struck me as similar to Sherlock in the recent BBC adaptation; Lee Jong Hyuk has magnetic prickliness down to a fine art.

Since each case aims to jump start relationships for supporting characters (often depicted by famous guest stars), various romances are sketched out.

Each of them appears to pay homage to a romance type common in dramas (mystery, melodrama, teen, etc).

Her smile was just absolutely contagious and I find myself laughing far more than I would have if she hadn't been in it.

As an idol actress, I could not have expected that in the least.

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