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The image accompanied a written speech, with the caption: "[William Franklin Mitchell] was the first man to string barbed wire in the Big Bend, where he fenced three sections as a holding trap at his Antelope Springs ranch in 1886.The days of the 'open plain' and the 'long drive' were coming to an end in West Texas" (p. Paper submitted to the Junior Historical Society state writing contest held by the Texas State Historical Society, discussing historical landmarks, landscape, and people of Marfa.When the crank was turned, the pins twisted the wire to form a loop.The wire was then clipped off approximately one inch on each end at an angle to form a sharp point.This written speech accompanied photographic slides (noted in the text with slide numbers).Relationship to this item: (Is Referenced By) My Land, My Heritage, My Hope, ark:/67531/metapth39396 of this item.Glidden experimented by bending a short wire around a long strand of straight wire, by modifying a coffee mill.Two pins on one side of the mill, one centered and the other just enough off center to allow a wire to fit in between.

Marfa gained a public library in 1947 with the current building donated in 1973.Photograph of a wooden display board with samples of a variety of barbed wires used in Texas barbed wire.Each wire sample has a label, though they are unreadable.A few days later he filed interference papers against Glidden and an intense legal dispute ensued.Even though Haish was awarded a patent first, Glidden won the dispute because he had filed his patent before Haish.

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