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though, and feel free to mention something you saw on her profile (because you’ve reviewed it prior to the date! Unless you met on Meth (if this actually exists, DON’T TELL ME).

Even if you really see it going somewhere with a girl, I caution restraint, because vague assurances are only confusing. “You mentioned you love sculpture…want to check out the Chihuly exhibit at the Desert Botanical Gardens on Saturday?

Who can say what unique alchemy determines chemistry?

The men we spoke to emphasized the importance of being open and not settling.

I’d rather hear that you stood in line at midnight with a bunch of twelve year-olds for the final on Netflix or how you went through a “swing dancing” phase in college.

Being your genuine self can be endearing, so if you are truly excited to tell me about your jazz trio, or the volunteer work you do, I’m going to be excited to hear about it.

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