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Blackface is still being shown on TV like it’s a normal thing. I have had bigger Korean ladies ask me where I get my clothes. I think the clothing market is missing the mark on a whole demographic! It doesn’t even have anything to do with being overweight!It could be lack of education, awareness, or it’s a result of a homogenous society, but discrimination (against sex, race, social economic status) is still undeniably a reality.“I am currently in the process of opening my Hagwon, and many people, mostly men have asked me if I am sure about being the CEO/Director, as they think my husband should be in charge of my business.” – “Women’s healthcare is obnoxiously expensive here. I also find it hard to go to a place that isn’t really ‘judgey’ about you wanting birth control/STD screenings.” – Nell“The stigma around getting these kinds of health checks is ridiculous! And the cute, trendy jeans and skirts are ALWAYS one size fits “most.” Such a trendy city that only lets the skinny girls wear the trends.” – “I’m Black so my biggest issues here range from not being able to find makeup and pantyhose in my shade, to not finding anyone who can properly do my hair, to having my skin/hair touched without my permission on a regular basis.” – Lately, news reports are sounding off on the dangers of the worsening air quality all over the country. It’s the first time in six years that it has made me question staying here.” – While South Korea is one of the most stylish cities in the world, most salons and stores still aren’t equipped to provide diverse services.“Finding someone that can cut and color fine and curly hair.Consent is a pretty common word but today a lot of people still don’t quite fully grasp it.Many women responded about how their personal space was invaded or how they encounter strangers grabbing or cat-calling them on the streets.*“I got groped on by my driver on my first night here.” –“I feel there are way too many creepy older guys here. ’ so many times in any country around the world apart from Korea.I don’t take taxis at night alone ever now (I live in the countryside).– This is related to all of the above, which is why a lot of women express the need for more emergency call centers (dedicated especially for women), communities where they can share their experiences and spread awareness, and protection in general.“The most frustrating and disheartening thing I’ve noticed and witnessed is that police don’t ‘seem to’ care at all about women’s safety, respect, or value.I have had drunks pull me around claiming I must be a prostitute.

It came to the point where I had to ask her why she's so interested and she replied with: "well he's a foreigner.

I’ve seen firsthand and also heard so many times that they don’t seem to give a sh*t when a woman has been abused, raped, or threatened.” – There’s no beating around the bush.

It’s 2017 and walls are still being built literally and figuratively among different races.

“Oppas” aren’t exactly the gentlemen you expect them to be, and they don’t always turn up on your doorstep with flowers.“Being fetishized here is my biggest pet peeve.” – “…fetishized when dating (thank God I’m married now), grabbed by older people randomly (men AND women), taxi drivers pretending not to understand my Korean and exhorting money.

It caused me a panic attack when I got driven off in the middle of nowhere.

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With technology, access to information, and the widespread use of social media, women have several avenues to tell their stories of hardships at home, work, and in daily life in general.

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