Dating for the sake of it

There exist more than 250 species of bumble bees, some of the most popular ones being the early bumble bee (Bombus pratorum), new garden bumble bee (Bombus hypnorum), western bumble bee (Bombus occidentalis), etc.

They majorly populate the tropical and the temperate regions of the world, and are known to be very useful pollinators.

General comments and questions will still be accepted. The markings are often in red, but can be impressed, in blue, gold and sometimes black with a green background.

For more information on Kutani try: FUKU MARKS 福 Generic generally means it was produced by a kiln, rather than by a single potter/decorator.

There are three prominant shapes, the Queen, which is large in size; the female worker bee, which is smaller; and the drone or male, which is comparatively tiny in size.

Just stand still and they will move away gently once they smell that you're not a flower with nectar and pollen.

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Since the eggs hatch in the middle of summer, there is a sudden increase in the population, which can frighten some people who are scared of insects.

However, it needs to be kept in mind that the males have no sting at all and they do not swarm.

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