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According to the December 7th edition of Star Magazine, “Bradley Cooper’s 40th birthday is about a month away, and sources say that the looming milestone has the actor questioning the current state of his romance with Suki Waterhouse.While the American Sniper star who has been dating the British model since February 2013 is itching to finally settle down, the 22 year-old is more focused on her social life.” One of Star’s inside sources revealed, “Bradley wants to get married and start a family, but Suki seems perfectly content with a long-distance romance.Taking pity on Azula due to her madness, Zuko did not put her sister in prison like he did with Ozai but instead had her institutionalized in a mental health facility for better treatment.and, once they had it, allow her to accompany him, unbound, on a quest to track Ursa down.

Following the failed Siege of the North, Fire Lord Ozai tasked Azula with capturing Iroh and Zuko, now considered traitors to the Fire Nation.

Zuko was clearly far from being pleased with his sister for her actions but didn't seem to show much resentment for that, even commenting he actually felt good for her restored mentality.

Little is known about Zuko's relationship with his paternal grandfather, Azulon.

as Azula showed no mercy for her brother during their next encounters and neither did Zuko hesitate to battle her.

With his greatly improved firebending, he could finally challenge Azula and she was forced to take him much more seriously, with Sokka's presence only serving to give Zuko more advantage, forcing her to focus on defending and less on attacking.

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