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Renovated in 2013 by new owner TCL, the main screening room now boasts a massive 94-by-46-foot screen and stadium seating, along with all the decorative flourish for which Grauman was known.

With only one screen, the Vista's primary appeals are its historic aesthetic and comparatively low prices, but it also draws in plenty of cinephiles with its 35 mm film projector.

Beverly Hills was once home to a vibrant theater district where the city’s many celebrity residents could gather to watch themselves on the big screen (the long gone Beverly Theatre played the home movies of matinee idols on opening night). This doc (like her Herb & Dorothy) is smart, nuanced, mind-twisting and brilliant, loved by people who want to go deep on a topic. The theater was bought and refurbished by Disney subsidiary Buena Vista Pictures Distribution in the 1990s.

Now, the Music Hall on Wilshire Boulevard is the only theater left that regularly screens films. Went to the LA premiere of ‘A Whale of a Tale’ to celebrate its director Megumi Sasaki, with whom I worked for years in NYC and learned that hey, yes, you spend eight to ten years on a film if that’s what it takes. It deserves a place on any list of historic theaters as the place where Universal Citywalk may be catered more for tourists than for locals, but the newly revamped movie theater there is as good a place as any to see the latest blockbuster.

That makes sense, as the filmmaker owns the place (and can be spotted in the audience from time to time).

The Beverly Boulevard building that houses the theater has been around since 1929, but served as a candy store, a nightclub, and a live theater venue before eventually becoming a movie house in the 1950s.

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