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You may need to contact Sears with your model# and serial# and ask them for manufacturing date help.

Home-owners are often curious of the age of their home appliances.

Magic Chef See Maytag Maytag1st Alpha Character = Year Manufactured2nd Alpha Character = Month Manufactured Example – 10270591EP was manufactured in August 2004.

Maytag Year Codes B=1990 D=1991 F=1992 H=1993 K=1994 M=1995 Q=1996 S=1997 U=1998 W=1999 Y=2000 Z=2001A=2002 C=2003 E=2004 G=2005 J=2006 L=2007 N=2008 P=2009 R=2010 T=2011 V=2012 X=2013Maytag Month Codes A/B=Jan C/D=Feb E/F=Mar G/H=Apr J/K=May L/M=Jun N/Q=Jul P/S=Aug R/U=Sep T/W=Oct V/Y=Nov X/Z=Dec Monogram See General Electric Roper See Whirlpool Sharp Production month and year will be printed on the serial tag.

Thermador See Bosch U-line1st and 2nd Numeric Characters = Year Manufactured7th and 8th Numeric Characters = Month Manufactured Example – 0794 was manufactured January of 2007.

Viking1st and 2nd Numeric Characters = Month Manufactured3rd and 4th Numeric Characters = Day Manufactured5th and 6th Numeric Characters = Year Manufactured Example – 021508R00001234 was manufactured February 15th 2008.*Some Viking refrigerators are manufactured by Amana and will reflect Amana date codes WC Wood1st Alpha Character = Month Manufactured 2nd Alpho Character = Year Manufactured Example – 40205667Fp was manufactured in June of 2007.

GE Month Codes A=Jan D=Feb F=Mar G=Apr H=May L=Jun M=Jul R=Aug S=Sep T=Oct V=Nov Z=Dec GE Year Codes F=1991/2003 G=1992/2004 H=1993/2005 L=1994/2006 M=1995/2007 R=1996/2008S=1997/2009 T=1998/2010 V=1999/2011 Z=2000/2012 A=2001/2013 D=2002/2014 Gladiator See Whirlpool Hotpoint See General Electric ICONSee Electrolux Ikea See Whirlpool Inglis See Whirlpool Jenn-Air See Maytag Kirkland See Whirlpool Kitchenaid See Whirlpool LG1st Numeric Character = Last Digit of Year Manufactured2nd and 3rd Numeric Characters = Month Manufactured Example – 705KWSB01654 was manufactured May of 2007.

Dishwashers can range from about 0-1,000 on average, so it’s important to figure out how much you’re willing to spend and find a dishwasher that fits your budget, while still being able to get the job done effectively and efficiently.

Here are a few other things to consider in picking the right dishwasher: Ultimately, the right dishwasher for you is the one that will effectively clean your dishes in a cost and energy-efficient way.

Older models may have done a perfectly sufficient job of this, but chances are you’d still find some food particles or streaks left behind, or worse yet, your dishwasher wouldn’t do a very good job of cleaning your dishes unless you all but washed them by hand first.

Today, though, your dishwasher is not only capable of getting every dish sparkling clean, but it also has a variety of settings to make caring for your dishes as simple as possible.

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