Dating she means messed up

I didn't originally think he ghosted me because of something I did. I mean, it definitely seems like he was ghosting on you.

Just maybe the distance would be too much of a hassle. He probably was embarrassed when you brought it up and that’s why he unfollowed.

"Her response: "Cause, regardless of the fact that i'm not into you, you always have interesting snap stories -- that or sometimes I get bored and absentmindedly look at everyone's story."Stop overthinking.

I really do appreciate your responses.*also knew he worked alot over the couple of days but he would normally text me while he works which is why I had a feeling he was ghosting.I had advised her that the guy hadn't responded to my text from a few days before but still watched my stories so he was probably ghosting me. He had told me a couple days before he didn't respond to my last text that he knew was into me.I also found it weird because we had been making next date plans and he had told me he liked me a couple days before. She asked for screenshots to see what I sent him and whether he could have responded. My friend and I were just talking about how weird it was that he switched up so quickly and still watched my social media stories which is what lead to the screenshots of the convo being sent in the first place.Don't go to your friend, she doesn't know how he feels - only he knows how he feels. We did go on a 6 hour date and had planned hanging out again. Friends are going to talk regardless but just ask the guy if he's still interested moving forward.During the date, we both acknowledged that we liked each other. It was like 3 days later that he didn't respond to the message sent. You're referencing college, I'm older than you but social media and changing norms are global :)I would also assume he'd unfollow me once he would have decided he doesn't want to see me/respond to my text.

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